Java Reference
In-Depth Information
Once you are satisfied with the global assessment of the TCK, you
may share this report with the JDM expert group, together with the
capabilities summary.
Process for New JDM Users
To use JDM, integrators will need a JDM implementation. Although
the RI is provided as part of the JDM final specification, the RI is not
a real JDM implementation because it does not implement any com-
putations based on the data. The RI serves as a mock-up implementa-
tion to test the TCK and highlight API design issues. For example,
when asked for a standard deviation of a numerical variable, the RI
will always answer 3.4; when asked for a decision tree, it will always
return the same tree structure with three nodes. The RI was
purposely designed to test a large number of capabilities declared for
tests that needed to be implemented within the TCK. Users new to
JDM will want to contact JDM vendors to get real evaluation
This chapter presented two commercial implementations of JDM and
their specific features. These implementations correspond to good
examples of implementation of in-database DMEs (Oracle) and out-
of-database DMEs (KXEN). The chapter also provided some guid-
ance for implementers new to JDM and described the JDM TCK
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[JUNIT 2006]
[KJDM 2006] apis.php.
[ORADMAPPDOC 2006] Oracle® Data Mining Application Developers
Guide , 10g Release 2,
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