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This will generate reports in the reports directory. The HTML file
called TCKReport.html is the main report. CapabilitySummary.html is a
summary of the capabilities of your implementation, and specific
error messages, if any, will be in the XML files associated with the ten
remaining test suites.
Figure 16-5 shows a screen shot of the beginning of the report gen-
erated when running the TCK on KJDM.
As shown in Figure 16-5, there is one section for each data mining
function and each supported algorithm. When there is a problem, an
error report is generated. This report contains descriptions of each
problem collated in an XML file. Figure 16-6 includes an example of a
problem found by the TCK related to clustering.
In the error report shown in Figure 16-6, the problem is a wrong
assertion. The TCK is based on JUnit and uses one of two problem
Figure 16-5
Screen shot of the beginning of the report
generated by TCK.
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