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representation. By using the JDM definition, designers and developers
reduce data model design time, gain flexibility to store JDM objects
in file systems or databases, and avoid any conversion from a propri-
etary format to standard JDM XML format when importing or
exporting mining objects or using them in JDM Web services.
Other uses of JDM Schema include combining JDM XML Schema
objects with XML process or workflow definition standards such as
Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) [Wikipedia_BPEL
2006], and representing XML-based configuration files of a deployed
mining solution.
The JDM XML Schema provides a comprehensive data model for
JDM objects. It follows the same design principles and object model
as the API to maintain consistency between the API and the schema.
The JDM Schema provides the same level of extensibility as that of
the API for JDM implementations to support vendor-specific exten-
sions. Complex types defined in JDM Schema will be included in the
JDM Web services definitions discussed in the next chapter.
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