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<xsd:attribute name="taskIdentifer" type="xsd:string" use="optional"/>
<xsd:attribute name="buildDuration" type="xsd:int" use="optional"/>
7.<xsd:complexType name=" ModelDetail ">
8. <xsd:any minOccurs="0"/>
9. <xsd:attribute name=" format " type="ImportExportFormat" use="optional"/>
Use Cases for JDM XML Schema and Documents
A well-designed data model defined using XML Schema can enable
designers and developers to create innovative applications using
compatible XML documents. For example, ebXML (Electronic Busi-
ness using Extensible Markup Language) enabled enterprises to con-
duct various types of businesses over the Internet [ebXML 2006].
XML is widely used for anything from simple file representations,
such as configuration files, to complex data model representations,
such as those used at NASA [NASA-XML 2006]. Similarly, applica-
tions can use the JDM XML Schema in numerous ways. This section
identifies a few use cases for the JDM Schema.
A primary purpose of the JDM Schema is to provide a standard,
interchangeable data format for JDM objects among DMEs. For
example, from a data mining model built by an analyst with a sample
dataset in a local development environment, a user can export the
model's logical data representation, build settings, and build task
objects as JDM XML documents to a production environment. In the
production environment, new models are built with production
datasets using the analyst specified settings.
Via the JDM Schema, we define the data model for JDM Web ser-
vices. JDM Web services use XML types defined in the JDM Schema
to represent the Web service messages. For example, in support of
real-time scoring, RecordApplyTask and RecordElement complex types
are used to represent the executeTask message. Similarly, all other
complex types defined in the JDM Schema are used to represent mes-
sages in the JDM Web services.
Even though the JDM standard does not require XML as a stor-
age format for its mining objects in the mining repository, some
implementations may choose to use a JDM XML Schema object
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