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Web Services will dominate deployment of new application
solutions for Fortune 2000 companies.
—Gartner Analysts
Web services are evolving as the key technology that enables software
application functionality as services, which can be discovered and
used by other applications over a network. Users developing service-
oriented applications and integrating existing applications are
becoming increasingly interested in Web services. This results from
the evolution of multiple standards, such as Simple Object Access
Protocol (SOAP), Web Service Description Language (WSDL) that are
unanimously supported by the software industry, and the increased
availability of tools and software platforms, such as J2EE and .Net,
that ease the development of Web service applications.
The Java Data Mining (JDM) standard defines Web services that
complement the Java application programming interface (API).
These vendor-neutral Web services fulfill the strategic objective of
providing broad architectural choices for application architects to
integrate data mining functionality. This chapter briefly explores
Web services and service-oriented architecture (SOA) before going
into a detailed discussion of JDM Web services (JDMWS) and how
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