HTML and CSS Reference
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Double-click UDISK
2.0 (G:) (or your
storage device) in the
Computer list to select
the USB flash drive,
drive G in this case, as
the new save location.
What if my USB flash
drive has a different
name or letter?
It is likely that your
USB flash drive will
have a different
name and drive let-
ter and be connected
to a different port.
Verify that the device
in your Computer list
is correct.
If necessary, open
the Chapter02\
ChapterFiles folder
(Figure 2-20).
Figure 2-20
What if my USB flash drive does not have a folder named Chapter02\ChapterFiles?
If you followed the steps to download the chapter files from the Data Files for Students, you
should have a folder named Chapter02\ChapterFiles. If you do not, check with your instructor.
title bar is displayed with
new rockclimbing.html
file name
Click the Save button
in the Save As dialog
box to save the file
on the USB flash
drive with the name
(Figure 2-21).
Document tab also displays
new rockclimbing.html
file name
Is my file only on the
USB drive now?
No, although the
HTML file is saved
on a USB drive,
it also remains in
memory and is
displayed on the
screen (Figure 2-21).
Notepad++ displays
the new file name
on the title bar and
on the document tab.
Figure 2-21
Other Ways
1. Press c t r l + a l t + s , type
file name, click Computer,
select drive or folder, click
Save button
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