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in the File name text
box to change the
file name. Do not
press e n t e r after
typing the file name.
left side of the dialog
box to display a list
of available drives
(Figure 2-19).
Click Computer in the
until your USB flash
drive, such as UDISK
2.0 (G:), appears in
the list of available
Why is my list of
files, folders, and
drives arranged and
named differently
from those shown in
the figure?
Your computer's
configuration determines
how the list of files and folders is displayed and how drives are named.
If necessary, scroll
project to be saved
on USB flash drive G:
file name
Figure 2-19
How do I know the drive and folder in which my file will be saved?
Notepad++ displays a list of available drives and folders. You then select
the drive and/or folder into which you want to save the file.
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