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To Save an HTML File
You have entered a lot of text while creating this project and do not want to risk losing the work you have done
so far. Also, to view HTML in a browser, you must save the file. The following steps show how to save an HTML file.
File menu
connected to one of
the computer's USB
ports, click File on the
Notepad++ menu bar
(Figure 2-17).
With a USB flash drive
Save As
File menu
recently opened files
display in this section
Figure 2-17
File menu to display
the Save As dialog
box (Figure 2-18).
Click Save As on the
Save As
dialog box
original save location -
your dialog box may
show something
Do I have to save to
a USB flash drive?
No. You can save to
any device or folder.
A folder is a specific
location on a stor-
age medium. Use the
same process, but
select your device or
Figure 2-18
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