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To Enter a Paragraph of Text
After you enter the initial HTML tags, you next add a paragraph of text using the <p> tag. When the browser
finds a <p> tag in an HTML file, it starts a new line and inserts a blank line above the new paragraph. The </p> end
tag indicates the end of the paragraph. When you enter this paragraph of text, do not press the enter key at the end
of each line. Because word wrap is turned on, your text will wrap to the next line even without pressing the enter
key. Table 2-4 contains the HTML tags and text used in the paragraph.
Table 2- 4 Adding a Paragraph of Text
HTML Tag and Text
<p>Rock Climbing Fun has recently opened a school at the base of Mount Rainier. We have
programs for advanced rock climbers as well as for beginners. Rock climbing is a widely
popular sport, especially in the state of Washington. Classes run from early morning to
mid-afternoon, and private climbing lessons are available. Come join our classes and
experience the fun and great exercise that rock climbing can provide. Call 1-800-555-CLIMB
for more information.</p>
The following step illustrates how to enter a paragraph of text in an HTML file.
press the e n t e r key.
Click line 10 and then
point on line 11,
enter the HTML
code, as shown in
Table 2- 4. Do not
press e n t e r at the
end of each line
when entering the
text in
line 13
and use
only one space after
With the insertion
start section
start article
paragraph of
text started
on line 13
of text
insertion point
end of
Press the
e n t e r key
twice to position the
insertion point on
line 15 (Figure 2-10).
Why do you not
press the e n t e r key
after each line of
code in line 13 in
Table 2-4?
Because you turned
on word wrap right af-
ter you started Notepad++, the text that you enter as the paragraph will automatically wrap to the
next line. The text goes to the end of the Notepad++ window and then wraps. If you had not turned
on word wrap, your text would continue scrolling to the right as you type, and text to the left would
scroll off the screen. With word wrap on, all text remains visible in the Notepad++ window.
Figure 2-10
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