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To Enter a Heading
The heading, Equipment needed to get started, is the heading that separates the paragraph of text from the
bulleted list. You use an <h2> heading because it is not really the main heading of the Web page. You insert an image
as the main heading later in the chapter. The following step illustrates how to enter a heading on the Web page.
With the insertion
point on line 15, type
needed to get
in the text area,
and then press the
e n t e r key twice
(Figure 2-11).
h2 heading
on line 15
Figure 2-11
Using Lists to Present Content
Lists structure text into an itemized format. Typically, lists are bulleted (unordered)
or numbered (ordered). An unordered list , which also is called a bulleted list , formats
information using small images called bullets. Figure 2-12 shows Web page text formatted
as unordered, or bulleted, lists and the HTML code used to create the lists.
An ordered list , which also is called a numbered list , formats information in a
series using numbers or letters. An ordered list works well to organize items where
List Styles
It is sometimes helpful
to structure the text of
a Web page in a list.
There are several list
options that you can use.
The Web page purpose
determines which would
be more effective. See
the section on List Styles
in Appendix D for style
options that can be used
with lists.
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