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Home tab on the Ribbon
Help button
the Maximize but-
ton on the right side
of the title bar to
maximize the window
(Figure 5-16).
If necessary, click
Colors group
Do all computers
running Windows
include Paint?
Yes, Paint should
be included with all
Windows operating
How can I find out
more about using
The Paint Help utility
is quite good. You can
search for informa-
tion using its Search
option or Index. Paint
Help gives step-by-step
instructions for many
status bar
Figure 5-16
The Paint Window
The Paint window contains several elements similar to the document windows in
other applications. The main elements of the Paint window are the drawing area, the
Home tab on the Ribbon, the Paint button, the Tools group, the Colors group, and the
status bar, as shown in Figure 5-16.
Drawing area — The drawing area is where the image is displayed.
Home tab — The Home tab on the Ribbon holds tools and commands most frequently
used to create and edit images.
Paint button — The Paint button to the left of the Home tab contains a drop-down arrow
to access functions such as Open, Save, and Print that were on the File menu in earlier
versions of Windows.
Tools group — The Tools group on the Home tab displays tools that are used to edit or
draw an image. In this project, the Pencil tool in the Tools group is used to find the x- and
y-coordinates of the text used as a navigation bar on the image.
Colors group — The Colors group on the Home tab displays a palette of colors that
can be used to set the colors of the foreground, the background, or other elements in a
Status bar —The status bar displays the coordinates of the center of the mouse pointer at
its current position on the image.
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