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To Open an Image File in Paint
The image file (tahanna.jpg) used for the image map in this chapter is stored in the Data Files for Students.
This image is a picture of Lake Tahanna that includes four words (from left to right) that are used for the following
navigation functions: Home, Skiing, Boating, and Dining. The following step opens an image file in Paint.
With a USB drive plugged into your
computer, click the Paint button and
then click Open.
Navigate to where you store
your Data Files, double-click the
Chapter05 folder, and then double-
click the ChapterFiles folder in the list
of available folders.
tahanna.jpg open
in Paint window
Click the tahanna.jpg image, and
then click the Open button in the
Open dialog box to display the
image that will be used for image
mapping in this chapter, as shown in
Figure 5-17.
size of
image file
image width
and height
Figure 5-17
Locating X- and Y-Coordinates of an Image
The next step is to locate the x- and y-coordinates of the areas that should be
mapped on the image. As shown in Figure 5-18, the image map should include four click-
able rectangular areas that will link to other Web pages. For each of the four linkable
map areas, the top-left corner x- and y-coordinate pair must be determined first. You then
identify the x- and y-coordinates of the bottom-right corner.
sketch lines in black
show where the
hotspots will be located
Figure 5-18
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