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To Add a Description
The following step illustrates how to add a meta tag description to your Web page.
If necessary, position the insertion
point on line 7.
content added
luxury hotel, golf, tennis
for family.”/> but do not press
the e n t e r key (Figure 4).
Is there a difference between
keywords and description?
Yes. Search engines use keywords
to find your Web pages, while descriptions are displayed next to their respective Web page URLs in a search results list.
third meta
tag added
on line 7
meta tag
name value
is description
Figure 4
If I have relevant keywords in the content of my Web page, why should I add other words to the <meta /> tags?
It always helps to have keywords identified in both places for those search engines that rely on the meta tag for keywords
versus those that rank results by analyzing the page content.
To Save, Validate, and Print a Document
You are finished entering the meta tags. As with all Web development projects, you
now need to save, validate, and print the file.
In Notepad++, click the
Save icon on the toolbar
to save the file with the
new meta tags.
Validate the file using the validation service.
Once the file is
successfully validated,
print the file (Figure 5).
Close Notepad++.
Figure 5
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