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used meta name values are listed in Table 1. In this project, you will use two of those meta
name values: description and keywords. The keywords are used by some search engines
to find your Web pages. Other search engines use the keywords included in the content
of your Web pages. The best plan includes putting keywords in both places. The descrip-
tion, on the other hand, is what some search engines add next to your Web page URL to
describe the content of the Web page. Visitors often look at that description to determine
whether they want to click that particular link (or URL) from the list of URLs in the
search engine results. The format that is used for each name and content attribute pair is:
SEO is an acronym
for search engine
optimization. SEO is the
process of improving the
amount of traffic that you
get on your Web site by
improving the ranking of
your site in search engine
results. Optimizing a Web
site involves editing the
content and HTML in the
Web page to increase
its relevance to specific
keywords and to remove
barriers to the page
indexing functions of
search engines. To find
more information, search
for SEO on the Internet.
<meta name=”keywords” content=”oceanside hotel, sports club,
golf, tennis” />
<meta name=”description” content=”Oceanside luxury hotel, golf,
tennis for family.”
where name identifies the type of information in the content attribute, and content identi-
fies the specific phrases or words that you want to appear as metadata. It is important to
note that these two attributes must be used in conjunction with one another—the content
attribute cannot be defined if the name attribute is not.
Table 1 Meta Names and Their Functions
Meta Name
Supplies the name of the document author
Provides a description of the document
Provides a list of keywords that a user might type in a
search engine to search for the document
To Add Keywords
The following step illustrates how to add keywords to the oceanside.html Web page:
line 5 and press the e n t e r key
to position the insertion
point on line 6.
Click after the > at the end of
second meta
tag added
on line 6
keywords “oceanside
hotel,” “sports club,”
“golf,” and “tennis”
added as meta tag
<meta name=”keywords”
content=”oceanside hotel,
sports club, golf,
tennis”/> and then press the
e n t e r key (Figure 3).
meta tag name
value is keywords
Figure 3
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