HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
(a) Startup HTML
initial meta
tag inserted
in Chapter 4
HTML code for
Web page
Web page as
shown in browser
(b) Startup Web page.
Figure 1
General Project Guidelines
In the Oceanside Hotel and Sports Club home page in Chapter 4, you added a title,
Oceanside Hotel and Sports Club that included the keywords “hotel” and “sports club” in
it. The words “hotel” and “sports club” identify the main subject matter for the Web site,
but while your topic is clear, more must be done to your Web site. Once your Web page
is complete, you need to publish it and attract visitors. There are several ways to attract
visitors, which you will accomplish in the following project. In preparation for this project,
you should follow these general guidelines:
1. Identify the meta names you should use. There are different meta names that you
can use within the <meta /> tag, including keywords and description. In this step, you
will determine whether to use keywords or description or to use both keywords and
description in different meta tags.
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