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To View HTML Source Code for a Web Page
Source code is the code or instructions used to create a Web page or program. For a Web page, the source
code is the HTML code, which then is translated by a browser into a graphical Web page. You can view the HTML
source code for any Web page from within your browser. This feature allows you to check your own HTML source
code, as well as to see the HTML code other developers used to create their Web pages. If a feature on a Web page
is appropriate or appealing for your Web page, you can view the source to understand the HTML required to add
that feature and then copy sections of the HTML code to put on your own Web pages. You can use your browser to
look at the source code for most Web pages. The following steps show how to view the HTML source
code for your Web page using a browser.
Page command
on Command
bar; your
Command bar
may differ
on the browser to
return to the Web
Use the Back button
HTML source code
opened in new
Notepad++ window
Command bar. If
your Command bar
is not displayed,
right-click the title
bar, click Command
bar, and then click
Click Page on the
view the HTML code
in the default text
editor (Figure 2-40).
Do all browsers
allow me to view the
HTML source code in
the same way?
Browsers such as
Chrome, Firefox and
Safari all allow you
to view the source
code of Web pages.
However, they might
use different buttons or menu options to access source code. For
instance, in Mozilla Firefox, select View and then Page Source.
Click View source to
Figure 2-40
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