HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Click the Close
button on the
text editor menu bar
to close the active
text editor window
(Figure 2-41).
What is the default
text editor?
It is likely to be
Notepad for Internet
Explorer, but could
be Notepad++ or
another editor
depending on your
browser setup.
return to the
Web page
after closing
Figure 2-41
To Print a Web Page and an HTML File
After you have created the HTML file and saved it, you might want to print a copy of the HTML code and
the resulting Web page. A printed version of a file, Web page, or other document is called a hard copy or printout .
Printed copies of HTML files and Web pages can be kept for reference or to distribute. The following steps show
how to print a Web page and its corresponding HTML file.
Ready the printer
according to the
printer instructions.
With the Rock
Climbing Fun Web
page open in the
browser window,
click the Print icon
on the Command
When the Print
dialog box appears,
click the Print button.
When the printer
stops printing the
Web page, retrieve
the printout
(Figure 2-42).
Are there other ways
to print a Web page?
Pressing c t r l + p opens
the Print dialog box, where you can select print options. You can
also use the Print option in the File menu on the menu bar.
Figure 2-42
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