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Remy Sharp
THE GEOLOCATION API is one of those APIs that has
absolutely nothing to do with the HTML5 specifi cation,
and was created by the W3C rather than the WHATWG.
In fact, it was never even part of the original Web Appli-
cations specifi cation (though it does now reference the
HMTL5 specifi cation), but it's so darn cool that we had
to include it in this topic. In actuality, it's a key API when
it comes to applications and adding some wicked—yes,
wicked—social interaction.
The API is incredibly simple to work with, and you can
easily enhance your web apps if they make use of any
geo data by plugging this API into the app and saving
your visitors from having to fi nger or scroll all over your
map to fi nd themselves.
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