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The drag and drop API isn't in a great state and can be difficult
to implement across all the browsers your application may sup-
port. In fact you may fi nd you have to fall back to a JavaScript-
based solution to drag and drop where the support is lacking.
However, native drag and drop, combined with newer APIs like
the File API (out of scope of this topic, but it allows the browser
to read fi les without the server side) allows users to drag fi les
straight into the browser. These kinds of features are appearing
as beta features in applications such as Gmail, allowing users with
browsers that support the bleeding edge drag and drop API, if
there is such a thing, to experience the very latest technology.
Yo u ' l l n e e d t o c a r e f u l l y w e i g h u p w h e t h e r n a t i v e d r a g a n d d r o p
is the right choice for your application.
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