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Currently Firefox 3.5, Chrome 5, Safari 5 and Opera 10.60 all
have support for the geolocation APIā€”not a bad state to be in
for a bleeding edge technology. In addition, a lot of new mobile
phones and mobile browsers are supporting the geolocation API,
particularly through the mobile WebKit implementation. Fennec,
Mozilla's mobile browser also supports geolocation which might
be used on the Android device for instance. In addition, if you're
using the Open Web technologies to build your applications,
PhoneGap, the framework for deploying Open Web mobile apps,
provides the geolocation API.
Sticking a pin in your visitor
The geolocation API gives us a way to locate the exact position
of our visitor. There are already lots of applications that make
use of this API, ranging from mapping, as seen on Google Maps
in figure 9.1 , to location-based social networks such as Gowalla
and Google Buzz.
fIgure 9.1 Google aps detects
geolocation support and adds the
locate me functionality.
The geolocation API offers two methods for getting the geo
information from your user:
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