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Depending on your preference other parts can be purchased for your first build such as, a
Wi-Fi card to access the internet wirelessly or an internal SD card reader might be on your
list to purchase, but again, these other parts are not needed.
Buying Your Parts
When purchasing your parts, be aware that all computer parts are not made equally. There
are parts that only work for 2 days, so buyer beware. Find a reputable online website that
has good reviews. You can also buy your computer parts from small computer businesses in
your local area, or from a retail chain. I usually purchase my computer parts online which
in most cases for me are more affordable.
Section 1: Planning and Building the System
Step 1: Plan Your Computer Build Carefully
Plan your computer build. Make sure you have all of your components including your key-
board, mouse, and monitor. Make a check list of all of your parts and components that you
will use during your build. A computer tool kit will also come in handy if you plan on
building frequently, but usually a Philips screw driver will do in most cases. *Caution* be-
fore touching any computer components make sure you are grounded. You can purchase an
anti-static wrist strap from any electronic store or online. Make sure to read the instructions
on how to use it. An anti-static wrist strap is to be used whenever working with or handling
your computer and its parts.
Step 2 Installing Motherboard into Case
in Case)
Open the box to your motherboard (MB) and read the user manual. Some MBs come preset
with all configurations already set. In other cases, some MBs do not. You will need to go
through and set certain switches to different settings. When you open up your MB pack-
aging you should see an I/O shield. This shield is usually metal and snaps on the back of
your computer case which protects the back of your MB. Make sure you put this piece in
securely. In the owner's manual you will see how to mount your MB into computer case;
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