Hardware Reference
In-Depth Information
The type of hard drive you will choose will determine how much space is needed for your
protect. Home and office computers will only need the standard hard drive as specified by
the (OS), but an entertainment computer may need a larger more powerful hard drive.
The Optical drive
The optical drive also known as a CD or DVD drive is what you will use read CDs, DVDs,
and Blu-ray disks. An optical drive is optional, but will come in handy if you want to watch
movies or install an operating system more conveniently.
The Power Supply
The power supply or power supply unit (PSU) powers and brings electricity to the mother-
board and all other parts into the computer. A high performance power supply is almost al-
ways needed for entertainment computers, but home and office computers can use standard
PSUs. The PSU is usually the last part you will look for by determining how much power
your computer might need.
Other Parts
(Wi-Fi Card)
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