Hardware Reference
In-Depth Information
The Ram
Random Access Memory (RAM) is your computers let's say, short term memory. RAM
stores information from your programs to help them run quicker, and helps you run more
programs at the same time. A computer with more RAM will load more than one program
quick and run faster. Extra RAM is typically needed in entertainment computer. Home and
office computer usually run fine with the standard RAM set by the operating system (OS).
The Graphics Card
The graphics card (GPU) is a processor designed to fun high quality graphics. Usually a
computer comes with a built in GPU on the motherboard which is standard. A standard
built in GPU works great in home and office computer, but when it comes to an entertain-
ment computer which uses high quality videos or 3D games a GPU card will be needed.
The Hard drive
Your hard drive is your computer's main memory storage center. Not to be confused with
RAM. RAM stores your computer's programs and information temporarily and uses them
quickly, but your hard drive is your computer's long term memory and stores everything.
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