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This topic is divided into five main chapters. This chapter, the In-
troduction , looks at the geography, history, flora and fauna of the
islands, as well as Customs and Immigration and some details
that will help you get around, whether that means jumping in an open-air
Jeep or an eight-seater island-hopping plane. The second chapter, Where
are the Adventures? , is an overview of the types of adventures available in
the Cayman Islands. The next three chapters give a more detailed view of
each island in turn.
Each of the chapters includes adventures to be had in its particular region.
Throughout this topic we offer a variety of sporting and eco-tourism op-
tions on both land and water. Whether your idea of adventure travel
means wreck diving or birdwatching, you'll find it covered in these sec-
tions, but keep in mind that you should set your own boundaries here.
At this latitude, temperatures (and humidity levels) soar, drain-
ing away precious water and minerals from your body, making de-
hydration a real danger. At all times, it is important to maintain
your fluid levels . Replenish them often, and be sure to carry wa-
ter on all hikes and boating excursions.
The sun , while being one of the islands' biggest draws, is also a
factor to be closely monitored. Wear a hat and a good sunscreen at
all times (SPF 15 or higher).
Regardless of the type of activity you choose, know your limits.
Scuba adventures in these islands range from beginners' dives in
shallow, placid waters to deep wall and wreck dives. Hikes vary
from strolls to sweaty workouts. On the water, the fun spans the
spectrum as well, with some vacationers wrestling a fighting
bonefish or marlin while others skip across the sea atop a Wave-
Runner or breeze along in a catamaran.
Where to Stay
Each chapter also gives you nuts-and-bolts information on transportation,
attractions, accommodations, and dining. Unless noted otherwise, pricing
is given in US dollars, commonly used on all the islands.
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