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Figure 1.19 Bandwidth of cooling load distributions in office buildings (minimum and maximum)
between window and floor surface area and the shading system chosen. For surface
ratios between 0.1 and 0.7, typical external loads are between 8 and 60 W m 2 (Arsenal
Research, 2007). With internal loads varying between 17 and 29 W m 2 this results in
typical total cooling loads between 40 and 90 W m 2 (see Figure 1.20). If buildings
have very energy-intensive functions (such as computer centres, server rooms, etc.)
the cooling load can be as high as 1000 W m 2 (see Figure 1.21).
Figure 1.20 Total cooling loads as a function of window to floor surface area. Internal loads are
between 17 and 29 W m 2
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