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Print Account Summary: As the batch process, after all calculations have been
completed, I will print out a summary for each customer. This summary will
provide an overview of the customer's account and a breakdown of what makes
up the total value of their portfolio. Acceptance criteria:
The process will generate a single file for each customer.
The summary will begin with a line that states the following, fully justified
Your Account Summary
Statement Period:<BEGIN_DATE> to <END_DATE>
where BEGIN_DATE is the first calendar date of the previous month and
END_DATE is the last of the previous month.
After the summary title, there will be a single line item for each security type
(securities and cash) and the current value of it for the account.
After each of the detail items, a total account value will be printed. Following is
an example of this section:
Your Account Summary
Statement Period: 07/01/2010 to 09/30/2010
Market Value of Current Securities
Current Cash Balance
Total Account Value
Print Account Detail: As the batch process, after each account summary I will
print the detail makeup of each account. The account detail will provide the
customer with a detailed look into the makeup of their account and how their
investments are doing. Acceptance criteria:
The account detail will be appended onto each customer's account summary.
The detail will begin with a header stating “Account Detail,” left justified.
On a new line, the cash balance of the account will be specified.
Below the cash balance, a header stating “Securities” will be displayed, left
For each stock held by the customer, the following fields will be displayed:
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