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An example record of what is returned using the URL is:
"HD",31.46 .
Import Stock Prices: As the batch process, when I receive the stock price file, I
will import the file into the database for future processing. Acceptance criteria:
The process will read the file that was downloaded by a previous step in the
The stock prices for each of the stocks will be stored in the database for
reference by each transaction.
After the file has been successfully imported, it will be deleted.
The record format of the file can be found in the story Get Stocks Closing Price.
Any records that are ill formed will be logged in a separate error file for future
Calculate Pricing Tiers: As the batch process, after all input has been imported, I
will calculate the pricing tier each customer falls into and store it for future use.
Acceptance criteria:
The process will calculate the price per trade based on the number of trades
the customer has made over the course of the month.
Each tier will be determined by the following thresholds:
<= 10
<= 100
> 10,000
The tier value will be stored in relation to the customer for future fee
Calculate Fee Per Transaction: As the batch process, after I have completed
calculating pricing tiers, I will calculate a brokerage fee per trade that the
customer will be charged. Acceptance criteria:
The process will calculate a fee for each transaction based on the tier the
customer is in (as calculated in the Calculate Pricing Tiers story).
The formula for calculating the price per trade is as follows:
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