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CSS3 speculative
IE 5+
• As an extension this property is correctly written as -ms-text-autospace in IE 8
and beyond.
• The current CSS3 specification indicates this property is under consideration, but it
is not currently fully documented.
• The effect of this property can be a bit subtle, so you may have to increase font size
to notice it in places and closely compare it to the same text without the property.
This property defines the color for filling in a text block.
text-fill-color: colorvalue
where colorvalue is a typical color value like #f00 or red. By default, the fill color will be
whatever the current color is.
<h1 style="font-size: 70px; -webkit-text-fill-color: red;">
Merry Christmas </h1>
No specification
Chrome 2+, Safari 3+
• Under WebKit-based browsers this property is defined as -webkit-text-fill-
color .
• This is often used in conjunction with text-stroke .
This property provides greater control over how justified text should be aligned and spaced.
text-justify: auto | distribute | distribute-all-lines | inter-cluster |
inter-ideograph | inter-word | kashida | newspaper
The default value of auto lets the browser define the justification algorithm to use. The
newspaper value changes the spacing between letters and words to justify. If you set
inter-word, it sets spacing solely between words. The value of distribute is similar to
newspaper but optimized for Asian languages. The value distribute-all-lines is the
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