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same as distribute though it also justifies the last line. A value of inter-cluster is used
to justify text that contains no interword spacing such as found in some Asian languages.
A value of inter-ideograph can justify lines of ideographic text dealing with spaces
between both ideograms and words.
<p style="text-align: justify; text-justify: distribute-all-lines;
width: 250px;">
This paragraph is not only justified, but the text-justify property
is set to a value that makes the last line justify as well.
IE 5+
• Under IE 8 this property is known as -ms-text-justify to correctly show it is
an extension.
• MSDN documentation presents a value of distribute-center-last as being
defined, though it indicates it is not implemented and does not say what it does.
However, it could be inferred from its name that it does the same thing as
distribute but centers the final line.
• The CSS3 Text module does support this property with a value of Tibetan as well.
There is considerable detail in the justification algorithms. Hopefully, this can be
correctly implemented in user agents, so justified text will become desirable because
of its' improved readability and be more commonly used in Web documents.
This Microsoft-proposed CSS property defines the ratio between Kashida expansion and
whitespace expansion in justified text. Kashida is a typographic effect used with Arabic
writing systems to elongate characters during the justification process.
text-kashida-space: percentage | inherit
.whiteOnly {text-align: justify;
text-kashida-space: 0%;}
.stretchSome {text-align: justify; text-kashida-space: 50%;}
.stretchAll {text-kashida-space: 100%;}
No specification
IE 5.5+
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