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• CSS 2.1 does not support this property, though it is reintroduced in CSS3.
• Even if a browser supports this property to some degree, the print driver interaction
may cause trouble. For example, in Opera 10, landscape mode did not force the
print driver to actually change page orientation, so content was clipped.
This property defines the text alignment rules on the alignment of the last line of an element.
text-align-last: auto | center | justify | left | right | inherit
p {text-align: justify; text-align-last: left;}
.allRighty {text-align: justify; text-align-last: right;}
IE 5+
• Under IE 8 this property is defined as -ms-text-align-last as it is currently an
• This property would apply to an element that has only a single line in the same
manner as text-align .
This property defines spacing values for ideographic text (for example, Kanji characters)
when combining it with different types of characters, such as Western-language text,
numbers, and parentheses.
text-autospace: ideograph-alpa | ideograph-numeric | ideograph-parenthesis |
ideograph-space | none
where ideograph-alpha indicates that extra spacing should be placed between ideographic
and non-ideographic text, ideograph-numeric adds spaces between ideographic text and
numbers, ideographic-parenthesis adds spaces when parentheses are used, and
ideograph-space adds extra space when the space is found after an ideographic character.
<p style="text-autospace: ideograph-alpha;"> Japanese is 日本語 in Kanji. </p>
<p style="text-autospace: ideograph-numeric;"> 12345 日本語 678910 </p>
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