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the game is ready to be sold to users. Finally, the publisher submits the
game for distribution certification to operators, if needed, and uploads the
final game assets to the operator's distribution system as any other game.
Once the game is deployed, SNAP Mobile's connected games hosting
service is responsible for ensuring the game runs 24/7. Nokia hosts
and administers the SNAP Mobile platform as well as the SNAP Mobile
community and provides useful game metrics to the publisher about the
game's uptake.
B.3 Community Features
As this section describes, the SNAP Mobile solution offers a fully featured
combination of connected and community features in one package:
in-game community features that game developers can build within
the game application
in-game connected gameplay features that enable multiple players to
play a game
out-of-game community features that users can access from a web
B.3.1 In-game Community Features
A unique user identity allows players to recognize one another while
retaining their anonymity. Players retain the same identity whether
playing online, accessing the game-playing community through the
game, or accessing the game-playing community through a web
The friends list lets players establish a contact list for messaging and
gameplay challenges. The friends list is the user's personal directory
to the connected game-playing community experience. Connected
game-playing communities provide users with a way to spend time
with people, share experiences, and make new friends. The friends
list helps players keep track of their friends, find out which friends are
online, and chat with friends or challenge friends to a game.
Presence information encourages online gameplay and messaging
between players. It lets them know when their friends are online.
Presence indicators typically identify whether friends are online,
offline, playing the same game, or not to be disturbed.
Chat or instant messaging allows users to send messages to friends
and other users whether they are offline or online in a lobby or in
a gameroom.
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