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Rankings information encourages online gameplay and competition
among players. Games report scores that are used to establish the top-
ranked players in a given game, a player's statistics (such as scores
and standings in a game), and proximity rankings (a player's ranking
in relation to other players).
B.3.2 In-game Connected Gameplay Features
SNAP Mobile facilitates multiplayer gaming through:
Head-to-head connected gameplay. SNAP Mobile provides peer-to-
router-to-peer game sessions in which users can play against one
another from beginning to end. These games are well-suited for
challenges and matchmaking.
Versatile matchmaking, which offers ways for users to find and
compete against one another. In Challenge mode, one player requests
a specific opponent; in Random mode, users automatically join
any available gameroom to play against other users in that room;
in Join mode, a player joins a specific gameroom and lobby;
in Sort Start mode, a configurable load balancer places users in
Lobbies and gamerooms, which offer places for users to meet, chat,
and engage in gameplay. Lobbies contain gamerooms where game
playing takes place.
Cross-operator connected gameplay increases the user base, pro-
viding customers with more opportunities for online gameplay and
messaging. Cross-operator gameplay may be restricted by some oper-
B.3.3 Out-of-game Community Features
SNAP Mobile facilitates user interactivity through community features
that are accessible to users from outside:
A single unique user identity is used for logging in to the web
community and the games.
News and events inform community members about new activities
and upcoming community events.
Moderated message boards let users write messages on game and
community-related topics to foster community interaction. The mes-
sage board content
is screened by a community moderator
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