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to plan the connected features for the game and to make sure that
the game design meets the SNAP Mobile standard game requirements.
The publisher contacts a SNAP Mobile Business Development manager
to obtain the SNAP Mobile publisher license and services agreement
(a contract). 2
B.2.2 Development
Moving into development, you should download the SNAP Mobile tools
and SDK and use the SNAP Mobile community service emulator. It is
strongly recommended that you conduct mobile device compatibility test-
ing for all targeted devices following the SNAP Mobile API Compatibility
Forum Nokia, , provides server access for
developers willing to develop and test their games in a live development
After progressing through the Alpha, Beta, and release candidates,
with related internal QA and approvals, you finally reach the stage of
SNAP Mobile pre-certification testing using the SNAP Mobile Certification
Emulator. Once you have ensured the correct functioning of the online
features with the emulator and performed the relevant quality assurance
tests, gold master for the reference device builds is reached. This means
the application has passed the compliance tests and that you can start
porting the reference builds to the devices tested for SNAP Mobile
compliancy earlier in the process.
B.2.3 Compliance Testing
Following the development process, the completed game is tested against
SNAP Mobile Standard Game Requirements (see the document SNAP
Mobile: Standard Game Requirements available at
SNAPMobile StandardGame Requirements.html ), which set the stage
for game quality requirements. The Compliance Test ensures that these
requirements are met. This way, all SNAP Mobile games meet certain
quality and feature criteria, which act as a stamp of approval for operators.
B.2.4 Deployment
Once the compliance test has been passed, the developer or publisher
packages the game for distribution and adds the final game files to the
catalog. The game is then set up in the SNAP Mobile production environ-
ment and the publisher has a one-week, pre-launch check period before
2 You can contact
the Business Development
team by sending an email
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