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Figure 5.39 MOTODEV Studio tools and services
Config Tool - supports reading and writing internal Motorola handset
Deployment Tool - enables deployment of Java ME applications into
the device
i18n Tool - supports internationalization of application content, such
as messages and images
Landmark Storage - supports management of landmark information
for the Location API
Location Service - allows route simulation
SIMConfig - allows viewing of specific SIM card information
WMA Server - provides a method for sending and receiving SMS
messages between two emulated devices.
How to use each of the SDK tools and services is clearly explained in
the SDK documentation which is available from the Help menu.
MOTODEV Studio documentation also includes valuable information
on target devices. If you need to know some details about a certain model,
for example, MOTO Z10, you can easily get that information without
leaving MOTODEV Studio. From the main menu, select Window, Show
View, Devices (see Figure 5.40).
To find more information on the device, click on VIEW FULL SPEC;
a help window opens with the key features, technical specification and
Java ME information of the specific device (see Figure 5.41).
From the Devices view, click on VIEW DEVICE FEATURE MATRIX
to compare devices; a window opens with the Motorola device matrix
that shows the relationship between the devices and information on each
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