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Figure 5.38 MOTODEV emulator with MOTO Z10 skin
version 1.3 supports Motorola UIQ 3 handsets, such as the MOTO Z8
and MOTO Z10 (UIQ 3.1 and UIQ 3.2, respectively).
The MOTODEV SDK Java ME emulator uses an emulation of the
MIDlet environment in Motorola handsets and UIQ devices that is based
on Java SE, with an interactive 'skin' of the handsets (see Figure 5.38).
Standard mobile phone features are not supported and it is not a true
emulation of Symbian OS. The MOTODEV emulator includes features
such as:
mounting file system roots and specifying the size and capacity
setting networking configuration
clearing all Contacts, Events and ToDo PIM entries
simulating external events such as an incoming call
clearing all RMS data.
From the main menu of MOTODEV Studio, select Window, Show
View, MOTODEV Studio for Java ME, Devices to access Java ME devel-
opment tools (see Figure 5.39) and supporting services such as:
Application Signing Tool - automates signing of MIDlet suites
Bluetooth Remote Control - allows handsets to be controlled using a
remote Bluetooth device
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