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Figure 5.40 MOTODEV Studio view of devices: MOTO Z10
Figure 5.41 MOTODEV SDK full device specification: MOTO Z10
device such as device family, software platform, supported JSRs and
Motorola APIs.
The MOTODEV SDK for Java ME is also available as a separate unit
that can be integrated with any UEI-compliant IDE, such as NetBeans.
It is also possible to use the SDK as a standalone application. named
Launchpad (see Figure 5.42), which gives you access to the same doc-
umentation, tools and services as in the MOTODEV Studio integrated
version. However, the standalone MOTODEV SDK does not include full
support for applications development (e.g., compilation and packaging in
the MOTODEV SDK are done from command line, while the MOTODEV
Studio is a full blown IDE).
To download MOTODEV Studio for Java ME and MOTODEV SDK for
Java ME, please visit the MOTODEV website at .
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