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Figure 3.18 Removing an installed suite from a) Nokia N95 and b) Nokia 5800 Xpress-
Figure 3.19 Removing an installed suite from Sony Ericsson W960i
3.7.4 Task Manager
The Task Manager helps you switch between applications and could
save you going back and forth between different locations on the device.
Leaving an application via Task Manager, rather than closing it, lets you
return to the same view when you switch back to the application. This is
useful when switching between concurrently running applications.
The Nokia N95 has a short cut to the Task Manager that allows you to
quickly and easily view which applications are running on the phone. To
open Task Manager hold down the main menu button (to the left of the
directional keys) until the list of running applications appears at the top
left of the screen (see Figure 3.20). You can either switch to a selected
application by pressing on it or terminate it by pressing the C key.
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