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Figure 1-21: The Dragonfl y page.
To bring up Dragonl y, the default path is to pull down the Tools menu, and then under
Advanced, select Developer Tools. However, you can install a Debug menu by going to and i nding the install link. Once you've installed it, there's easy
access to Dragonl y and several features in that menu. Either way, you can also press
Option+Command+I (for Mac users) or Option+Control+I (for Windows) to bring it up. An
oddity is that this keyboard shortcut isn't a toggle: If Dragonl y is already open, you can't use
the keyboard to close it. For that, you'll need the mouse, or else Command+W (Control+W)
to close it. h is works great if Dragonl y is open in a separate window. If Dragonl y is docked
in the browser window, though, Command+W only closes Dragonl y if it's been focused by
clicking on something in it. Otherwise, it closes the whole window.
A great feature of the Debug menu is that it has links straight to HTML, CSS, and other
specii cations. Another fun area is the Layout submenu, which lets you set Opera into layout
modes like Emulate Text Browser and Show Structural Elements. h ere's even a Nostalgia
layout mode (shown in Figure 1-22) that will warm the heart of any veteran of 1980s-era
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