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Figure 1-22: The Dragonfl y page in Nostalgia view.
h ough Dragonl y's layout bears a strong resemblance to Firebug's, there are some notable
dif erences. In the i rst place, the Styles tab on the right can show you the computed styles along
with the declared styles (see Figure 1-23), and each grouping can be expanded or contracted. As
with Firebug, what you see here is not exactly what was declared, with shorthand properties
being expanded out to individual properties. One nice touch is that Dragonl y will show you the
shorthand properties if you want to see them—at least in the computed styles.
Another, less welcome dif erence from Firebug is that any declaration that is overridden by
another is grayed out with [overwritten] in orange-yellow text next to it (shown in
Figure 1-24). h is clutters things up and makes it harder to see the values in the overridden
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