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Figure 1-20: The Developer Tools in IE8.
One thing that I personally i nd confusing about the Developer Tool's Style tab is that the
styles it lists are in an order that doesn't really make sense to me. It certainly isn't in order of
specii city. h e listing does show which declarations are being overridden by others, which is
nice, but without a sensible ordering like that in Firebug, it's harder to work with.
Still, even though the Toolbar and Tools don't capture the full range of features found in the
Firebug/Web Developer Toolbar, they are quite useful and should be a part of any Web
developer's Internet Explorer install. h ey can be quite useful in tracking down the source of
layout and other oddities in Explorer.
If your primary development browser is Opera, then you'll want to make use of Dragonl y
(Figure 1-21), a development environment that comes built into Opera 9.5 and later. Go to to get more information.
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