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5. Press the Tab key to move to the first row of the Value column, and then type r70 .
This text will identify the checkbox when you receive the form.
6. Press the Tab key to move to the second row of the Label column, type rock
80s era , press the Tab key to move to the Value column, and then type r80 . The
second checkbox is entered.
7. Click the Add Item button to add another checkbox, and then create a check-
box with the label metal and the value m .
8. Repeat Step 7 to create checkboxes with the following labels and values:
blues ; b
funk ; f
oldies ; o
pop ; p
9. In the Checkboxes box, select oldies and then click the Move Item Up button
until the oldies checkbox moves to the top of the list. The oldies checkbox will
appear first in the group.
10. In the Lay out using section, click the Line breaks option button, if necessary.
11. Click the OK button. The checkbox group is inserted into the page.
12. Click a blank section of the page to deselect the group. See Figure 6-36.
Figure 6-36
Form with checkboxes
label for the
checkbox group
checkbox group
Now that you have added the group, you can select each checkbox individually
and examine or adjust additional attributes.
13. In the Document window, click the oldies checkbox (not its label). The checkbox
attributes are displayed in the Property inspector. If you were adding individual
checkboxes, this is where you would enter the checkbox name and value. See
Figure 6-37.
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