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To confirm that the Smart Object is updated in the about.html page:
1. Open the about.html page in Design view.
2. Examine the logo image, confirming that the updated image appears in the page.
3. Close the about.html page and close the tickets.html page.
Editing a Photoshop Source File for a Smart Object
One of the benefi ts of Web pages is that you can quickly and regularly update their
content and styles. Although Web pages change frequently, you should not modify and
then resave the compressed Web graphics that are displayed in the pages. Each time you
resave a compressed image fi le, the fi le compresses further. Each compression degrades
the image quality because the types of compression that are used for the Web are often
lossy forms of compression. Instead, you should modify the original, uncompressed
Photoshop fi le, and then recompress the updated image. This preserves the quality of the
artwork in the Web pages. This process is fairly simple because Dreamweaver preserves
the link between the Smart Object inserted in a Web page and the original Photoshop fi le.
Because Photoshop is an image processing program, you can change just about any-
thing in the image. For example, you can change the image size or color, you can rotate
and bend an image, you can add text and textures to an image, and you can combine
multiple images. The editing capabilities increase exponentially when an image is cre-
ated with layers. In Photoshop, layers enable you to separate the elements that make
up the image. Layers stack the elements of an image one on top of another to create the
complete image. You can think of layers as pieces of acetate that are stacked to form
a cell of a cartoon animation. Areas of a layer that do not contain image elements are
transparent, so you can see the elements that appear on the layers below that one. You
can also move or change elements in one layer without changing or moving elements in
other layers.
Gage wants the NextBest Fest logo to use a different color. You will open the original
Photoshop fi le for the NextBest Fest logo, modify the logo color, and then update the
Smart Object.
To open and edit the original logo image file in Photoshop:
1. In the Document window, select the nb_logo.png Smart Object, and then, in the
Property inspector, click the Edit button. The original nb_logo.psd file opens in
2. Click the Layers tab, if necessary, to display the Layers panel. See Figure 5-26.
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