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Fig. 6 Outcrops in the megasplay fault zone. ( a ) An outcrop view at site 889R3 in Fig. 7 .
Southward (seaward) dipping strata are predominant in gently folded, often steeply inclined
sandstone-dominant turbidite deposits (FOV~4 m). ( b ) Northward-dipping fracture cleavage
developed in mudstones at site 889R6 (Reproduced from Anma et al. 2010 ; ©Geological Society
of Japan). The cleavage developed obliquely to the basal surface of a sandstone layer dipping
steeply to south (FOV~4 m). ( c ) Sub-vertical strata at site 889R7. Fracture cleavages are densely
developed. ( d ) Subhorizontal deposits of conglomerates interbedded with silty layers (between
site 890R2 and 890R3). Imbrication of pebbles indicates southeastward flow (FOV~4 m). ( e , f )
Occurrence of Calyptogena nautilei . C. nautilei shells are half buried in mud exposing the hinge-
side into seawater (FOV~1 m). The exposed part of Calyptogena shell was dissolved suggesting
that the depth at observation (~3, 400m) is located below the carbonate compensation depth of this
region. Numbers on top-right in ( b )-( f ) indicate heading of the submersible (in degree) and depth
(m), respectively
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