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Hold on to your swimsuit at Summit Plummet!
170. Some of the water jets and waterfalls at Blizzard Beach's lazy river shoot
ICE COLD water. You'll know which ones they are because you'll hear
the people in the river in front of you SCREAM as they go through them!
Avoid them- unless you're looking forward to the deep freeze.
171. Unless your younger (10 and under) kids are great swimmers, don't leave
them unattended in the wave pools- especially the pool at Typhoon La-
goon. The waves there are huge and kids are tempted to swim to the
deepest part of the pool to enjoy them. They may not realize they are in
'over their heads' in 6 feet of water. They may get tired of treading water
172. Take advantage of the free life jackets available at the wave pools. Even if
youryoungchild is a goodswimmer,youmay welcome the peace ofmind
that comes with knowing they're safe.
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