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173. ThetubesavailableattheMelt-AwayBaywavepoolatBlizzardBeachare
sometimes hard to come by when it gets crowded. Snag any unattended
tubes as they come out of the pool.
174. When you get tired of walking at Typhoon Lagoon (and you definitely
will!) relax in the Castaway Creek lazy river. If you leave your shoes on
shore, be sure to make note of where you got in. The various entrances
are labeled, but they all look alike. You don't want to realize you're on the
wrong side of the park- AFTER you've given up your tube.
Relax in the Lazy River
175. WhileatTyphoonLagoon,don'tmiss'swimmingwiththefishes'atShark
Reef. It's away from the big attractions in the park, so it's not usually
crowded. You'll get to swim with sharks, stingrays, and lots of other cool
fish. We went over and over again! Remember to shower before (to rinse
off the sweat and sunscreen) and after (to get the saltwater off). Prepare
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