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Chairlift to the top of Mt. Gushmore
168. Consider the single-rider line on the chair lift at Blizzard Beach. Since
many guests ride in pairs, there's often a third seat that is filled from the
single rider line. Though you'll ride up separately, you could save 10-15
minutes of wait time by taking advantage of this opportunity!
169. If you're planning to take a plunge on Summit Plummet, be sure your
bathing suit is secure. If you're a woman, I'd highly recommend against
wearing a skimpy string bikini on the ride. Chances are you'll be missing
one (or both!) pieces when you get to the bottom. The force of the water
at 60 mph tears them right off. We spoke to a lifeguard about this and she
embarrassing (as the teenage girl in front of us in line will attest).
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