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17. Anotheradvantageofacondoorrentalhomeisthatyou'llbeabletostock
up on groceries. (There are plenty of Publix & Winn-Dixie grocery stores
versus having to eat all of your meals in the parks.
18. Bring a Sharpie with you and write each person's name on their own Dis-
ney ticket. You'll need to scan your thumbprint the first time you enter the
parks, and each person can only get in on his or her own ticket.
19. Write the ticket numbers for everyone in your party on a separate sheet of
it in a safe place. If you lose your ticket, it will be much easier to get a
20. Pick up several of the battery operated fans with the built-in water spray-
ers, or those new fancy schmancy spray water bottles, especially if you're
visiting during the summer months. We went once during an August heat
wave, and those fans were lifesavers!
Stay cool with spray fans
21. Speaking of spray fans- bring them from home instead of buying them in
the parks. They are much cheaper that way!
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