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22. Bringanextra fanwithyou-since theyarecheap, sometimes they'll break
before the end of your trip.
23. Bring extra AA batteries for the fans. Sometimes, they'll accidentally turn
on without you knowing and run down the batteries. (Sometimes the bat-
tery compartment opens and they fall out too.)
24. If you're storing your spray fans in your backpack for extended periods
during the day, flip one of the batteries over. This way if the switch gets
pressed while in the backpack, your batteries won't run down.
25. If you're staying onsite- do not book your return flight home before noon.
The hotels want you to board the shuttle 3 hours prior to your flight. Un-
less you want to get up in the middle of the night, you're better off with a
later flight.
26. If you're not staying on site, plan your visits to the parks on the days
they do NOT have 'Extra Magic Hours'. The parks will be less crowded
on those days because the people staying onsite will be visiting the other
parks (the ones WITH 'Extra Magic Hours').
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