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The LEGO store at Downtown Disney-
a 'must see' attraction
14. If you're staying offsite, consider bringing a soft (collapsible) cooler with
you. You can pack a picnic lunch to carry into the park with you, and fold
the cooler up to store in your backpack afterward.
15. Consideracondoorhomerental(ratherthanahotel)ifyou'restayingoff-
site. The convenience of having a full kitchen and extra living space can-
notbeover-stated. The kidswill enjoy having their ownspace, andsowill
16. The condo or rental home option is also a great way to save on luggage
and wash a load or two of laundry during your trip. Sure- nobody likes to
do laundry on vacation, but nobody likes to pay $25 (or more) per bag in
luggage fees either… You decide!
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