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10. If you're visiting Disney during one of the 'value seasons' and staying
on Disney property, check for deals offering a free dining plan. Disney
frequently offers this during September (just after the kids are back in
school), and sometimes in early December (before the Christmas rush).
Check the Disney site for details.
11. If you're booking something at the last minute, check those 'last minute
deals' websites, or the airlines sites for any deals they may offer at the last
12. Ifyou'retravelinginapartyoffiveormore,rememberthatyourhotelop-
tions on Disney property will be severely limited- unless you're willing to
book two rooms. Disney has partially addressed this issue in recent years
by offering family suites in hotels such as their Art of Animation and All-
Star music resorts, and there are also options such as cabins at the Fort
Wilderness resort; however, if you have a family of five or more, you'll
want to check individual hotels before you get your heart set on a particu-
lar one.
13. Bring Ziploc storage bags; they'll come in handy throughout your trip. If
you visit the LEGO store- you'll definitely need them! The kids will want
to build their LEGO sets while you're there, and being able to pack the
bricks into Ziploc bags (instead of in their original boxes) will save you
storage space on the trip home.
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